Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lets get Physical...

Physical... I wanna get Physical..... (come on you know you want to sing some olivia newton John.)

One the days that I dont make it to the gym I do a little cardio exercise here at the house. I guess its rubbing off on the kids, because they love to exercise now. Hey, at least they get involved rather than begging for the TV.

I took some pictures and a quick little video. In one video-- at one point on the exercise program, the instructor says "light on your feet". Hunter was stomping around and Tina turns to him and says "Hunter!! Light on your Feet!!" I did not upload that one because it was such a big file. But chose one where Tina was working out alone. Hunter got tired of sharing the step.

Tick Tock..Tick Tock

We are counting down the days now until Daddy comes home. The other day I had the kids make up a paper chain so that they could remove a link everyday. When they get to the end.. Daddy should be home that day.
They each decorated their own and picked their own colors.

The saddest part of this whole project was that everytime we got to the last ring when counting, we would say "daddy's home!" Daisy, our dog would get so excited and would run to the front door barking :( So we are not the only ones missing Daddy around here. Parker and Daisy want him home as well.

Adam has moved into the tents so we know we are on the final stretch. It means less time on the phone with him and less time chatting over the computer but its a good sign because we know he will be home soon.


I took the kids to the Reptile Rendezvous at the Museum yesterday morning. As much as I am afraid of snakes, I figured it would be good for them to be exposed to them and it would probably be good for all of us to learn the differences between poisonous and non poisonous snakes.

We walk in and I'm already on edge because people are literally walking around with snakes around their necks and arms. Keep in mind, I HATE snakes. My fear has intensified over the years, and I'll admit its a bit much, but I just can't help it. So we walk in, I see the snakes all over the place and I'm putting up a big front so the kids don't catch on and start to be afraid themselves.

My toes are curled up.. I'm getting all flushed. Yeah this is going to be great I'm thinking.

The kids had fun touching snakes, sampling "snake meat, toad stew, etc" I think it was probably chicken tenders but I was not going to try it. The kids though.
This was the first snake they touched. I have a picture of them holding a snake, but my scanner is acting up so I'll have to scan it later.

We bumped into some friends up there and they had a good time scaring me throughout the lobby. We eventually made our way to the "snake show". We were about 3 rows back (or 3 rows too close if you ask me). The snake charmer fool gets up and gives a great presentation on snakes. He has copperheads, rattlesnakes, white snakes, rat snakes...And one BIG BIG BIG python. It took 10 kids to hold that bad boy up.

We left there to go to a Birthday party and then a function in the evening. It was a LONG day, but the kids learned a ton and had fun to boot.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Mom and Dad,

I know I already told you but Happy Anniversary. Can you believe it has been 40 years already?

I love you both very much and wish we could be there to celebrate. Just know we are with you in spirit.

We all love you,

Adam, Laura, Tina and Hunter

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hunter and his blonde moment

Blonde hair that is. He has been out in the sun so much that his hair is starting to lighten up again.

When Adam deploys I let his hair grow out vs getting it buzzed all off. I actually had to take him down to have it trimmed up the other day. I think this was his first official hair cut at a hair cut place.

Looking at this picture though it looks a bit like a bowl cut--but I promise it does not look like this anymore. :) We will see how long daddy lets it grow out :)

Edited to add: His ear is NOT pierced.. just a reflexion. Yall can stop freaking out now :)

I feel like chicken tonight. like chicken tonight.

Being Silly

And the famous self picture, taken after eating a cookie.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You have the right to remain silent.

Last week we visited the police department for a tour.

Again the kids were very well behaved. Tina walked around taking notes the entire time. :)

They were able to get in the police car and got to hear the sirens go off, which they all thought was pretty cool. They all got to hang out in the holding cell also.

This is when they first went into the holding cell.
This is the holding cell with the door shut. I told the kids to be good and that I was leaving at this point. I dont think they cared do you?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Gulp Gulp. Drink some water.

It is only June and it hot outside. I should not complain considering Adam is sitting in 115 degree heat. We cant wait for him to get home to cool off with us.

My fantastic neighbor Sean has a pool and we have access to it whenever we want, so we pack up towels and snacks everyday and head to the pool. He is even generous enough to let me invite friends over so the kids always have someone to play with and I have someone to talk with.

It is truly amazing the difference a year makes. Last year, Tina liked being in the pool, but she did not care too much for getting her face wet. This year, it is a totally different story. I cannot keep these children out of the water. In fact, the kids were doing so well without floaties that I went ahead and signed them up for swim lessons. The instructor is the PE teacher at Sacred Heart so Tina already knew her and the class size is all of 3. After 4 lessons they were already jumping in the deep end and swimming to the ladder.

I am still a nervous ninny, but I'm getting better.

Here are some pictures that I've collected so far this summer.

All "scunscreened up" and ready to go.

The kids like to jump off the side of the pool into this "boat"

Tina taking her first leap. She would get on the diving board but never jump. She finally did it for Sean aka. K9She is a pro now
Hunter taking a jump. He wants to do tricks already.

Hunter has a smile on his face EVERY time he comes up. EVERY time.

Hunter riding the shark. Sean and Becky got this for the kids last year for their birthday. It is still a hit.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Field Trips , Field Trips

School has only been out for a few weeks, but I have been able to keep the kids pretty busy.
This week we took a tour to the fire station and also to the police department.

First we went to the fire station, where I set off a building alarm trying to find the station (Hey know you think it would be easy to find a fire station but this one was hidden).
When the alarm first went off Tina said "ohhhh mommmyyy, what did you do?"

Caleb and Hunter waiting for the presentation.
Giving the fireman a High Five. The firemen are trying to let kids know that they are not scary men when in their gear.
Tina is in the yellow top and Hunter in the red shirt. They are practicing crawling like a baby under the smoke. All the kids LOVED this.
Hunter hanging out in the firetruck.
I will get pics up from the police station and the "LOCK UP" later.