Friday, March 27, 2009

I like to move it move it....

Well they will never be on So you Think you can dance, but it was still funny.
We were watching Madagascar 2. I hate to admit it, but there were some funny parts in it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We must be doing something right.

I find myself questioning my parenting skills every so often.. You know when the kids are bickering at each other over EVERY LITTLE THING, when it takes them umpteen million tries to go "find your shoes", and when they cry because we will not purchase them every single toy in the store.
I think to myself that I have raised two little pint sized monsters.

Well the past two days my little monsters turned into little angels.

Yesterday, Tina was in her room playing with her Ponyville stuff. We started collecting these around Christmas time and the most recent purchase was when we moved into the new house. We wanted her to have something to play with in the room while we waited on the household goods to arrive. We also thought it would help make the room special to her and would keep the kids from fighting over rooms.

So, Tina is in her room playing with her toys and I stop in to talk to talk to her, and she says to me "Mommy, I have too many ponyvilles, I think I need to wrap them up and give them to some children that do not have any toys." ((be still my heart))
I asked if she was sure she wanted to give these toys (I mean.. really?? We just bought the silly things) but she was pretty set on wanting to help the kids. She even mentioned that we should go to the store and buy them some other toys.

Then today on the ride home from school slugger , aka Hunter was talking about his friends at school. I asked him if maybe he wanted to invite one of his friends over one day for a playdate and asked him which one in the class was his best friend. He tells me "Damien" . Now this confused me because Damien is the little boy that Hunter punched in the eye a few weeks ago. For those that do not know the story, "D" as I will call him, torments Hunter on a daily basis and Hunter finally had enough and clocked the kid. D has not messed with Hunter since, but Hunter still tells me all of the naughty things D does at school all day and how he is usually in trouble.
Ok, so back to the story. Hunter says he wants his friend Damien to come home with us. He then proceeded to tell me that even though D is a naughty boy he wants to make him a Happy letter so that D will feel better, and that the letter will help D like Hunter. That even though D does not like Hunter that he likes D.
(((Aweeeee)) See?? I knew Hunter was a sweet kid deep down :)

So even though they fight over who is sitting behind mommy in the car and who is the first one to take a bath every night, they still are sweet, caring little kids and we must be doing something right as parents to have them think of other kids instead of themselves all of the time.

Shameless brag over :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finally Time to update

I had such grand blogging hopes of documenting the entire moving process, but time got the best of me and all I could do was snap a few pics here and there.  

 Adam was gone during the process (surprise, surprise.. how does he manage to get out of this everytime?) 

The 1st day of packing, the packers actually packed my car key AND the spare.   To their defense, the key does not look like a car key and it was on the china hutch but it did cause a little drama as I had to go pick up the kids from extended day.  I ended up having my neighbors daughter drive me out to get the kids.  
Adam said I should have left the key in the car like I always do and I said he should let me have a key chain so it would be more recognizable as a car key.  Ha.  Both of us are right I suppose.  
Thankfully, the packer knew exactly which box he packed it in and we were good to go the next day.   In the picture below is why I could not look for the spare.. it would have been in one of those boxes.. or one of the other dozen on the other side of the room.

Ok, so now we get to the new house.  Here is a view of the family room before our junk got here.

Adams crap. i.e. cables and cords.

Now all put together.. minus paint and some wall art and the rug (which came in the other day)

View of the kitchen from the family room.

Kitchen Nook

I will have more pictures of the bedrooms , formal dining and living area soon.  

The kids are doing great.  We have them in a wonderful school.    There are quite a few catholic schools in the area so it did take a little trial and error to find the right fit, but I am very happy with our final choice and the kids are thriving.  

The dogs have an invisible fence for our non-existant back yard and that is taking some training.  They do great in the yard until they see someone.  Daisy has been popped more than Parker, and man oh man does she pitch a fit.
Poor dogs are going nuts everytime someone walks by, which happens quite frequently as the weather is perfect and the neighboorhood is very family oriented. 

I have been taking the kids for long walks around the lake and to the playground.  I dont know if I'm ready for the pool just yet, but soon.

We have seen more wildlife during this short time in Florida than we did in Georgia.   I'm sure it has something to do with the wildlife preserves all around the neighborhood.   Armadilla running through our yard along the patio, HUGE  turtles (Adam brought one home and the kids wrote their names on the back of it).   Birds out the wazoo, and I hear that there is a bobcat family close by as well.  I'm cool with all of it until I see a snake.  Then I may start to dislike florida.

The Neil hotel is open for business as well.  We have already had visitors and the spare room is booking up fast so hurry to reserve your spot.  We are about 10 minutes from the beach.  

Lastly,  Adam is up in Georgia right now.  We really wish he could be here with us.  He is hoping to come down for a long weekend in early April, and then will come down for a week or so when his parents are here.   Both kids have this sixth sense when Daddy is gone and like to creep into bed with me around 4-5am.  I actually dont mind it and love the extra cuddles and kisses I get from them.  They are always so sweet when they are tired. Ha!

That is about it for now. I'm blogged out.  

HiTop Sneakers

The kids saw  a commercial for Sketchers HiTop sneakers this morning.   I kind of chuckled to myself remembering back in the day how LAGear were the cool HiTops.  Well Tina says "Mommy, I want some HiTops."   Then Hunter proceeds to say "Tina, if you get some HiTops then you can turn me into a frog!".

I guess that is what was on the commercial.   It kind of makes me want to get  her  a pair just so I can watch them trying to turn each other into frogs!  lol