Thursday, June 25, 2009

For Adam

Hunter donts loves me.

Tina was upset this morning because she said that Hunter doesnt love her hugs and kisses, so that means he does not love her anymore. At the end of the video she went to him and asked him again and he said with a big sigh (yes Tina I LOVE YOU).. that made her all better.

Poor Kitty

Tina loves our cat Sierra. She plays with her day in and day out. Yesterday, Sierra was Tinas doll and well, I'll just let you see the pictures.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Update time

I know I have been slacking lately on the blog so I will do my best to do some updates more frequently.
Quick recap of the past few weeks.

Adam is here full time now! We are all super happy about that. He is going to be pretty busy with his new job, but its a great experience for him.

Hunter has offically removed the training wheels on his bike and just cruises all over the place now. Tina is not quite ready, she rides without the trainers but then gets a bit spooked and just STOPS mid ride.

Hunter was riding about a week before his first "fall", so much for a helmet helping.

Instead of riding bikes, Tina likes to draw. Here is one of her recent masterpieces and I have no idea how she gets these ideas.

The kids both graduated. Tina is now an offical 1st grader! The teacher is sure she is ready for 1st grade and said she would be bored stiff if we held her back in Kindergarden. She is not too thrilled about the move, but she'll get over it. Tina missed the last two days because of a low grade fever, but I hear she did not miss anything other than a two hour mass.

Hunter is in Kindergarden. We can't wait for him to be in the class with Mrs. Obrien. She is a wonderful teacher that will not put up with any crap. Hunter was still dealing with that bully in his preK class. I am truly amazed he did not beat the crap out of Damien before the end of the year. HE still insists that he will make Damien his best friend. Such a sweet boy.

Grandma and Grandpa came out for another visit and we went to Disney Hollywood studios. We had a great time. Hunter no longer likes to ride "rides" . He was even crying at certain points about going on some. I hope that passes, because Tina on the other hand is a thrill seeker. She went on the Tower of Terror with Adam and I. Talk about feeling like bad parents. Its a elevator ride that drops you down a few stories at a time. She was glad she rode it, but doesnt want to do it again. To quote her "Hunter was right, that WAS scary!"

The neighborhood is continuing to be a great place to live. We had our first block party a few weekends ago; we coned off the street and all brought some food to share, brought the grills out and drinks and let the kids run wild while the adults all had a chance to meet and mingle. It was great fun and we had a nice turnout. The next one is scheduled for 4th of July weekend.

The pool is coming along very well. I think we'll have water in by the end of the week. They are putting up the screen now and I'm pleased with our tile choice and deck color. The kids are swimming with no floaties now (we use the neighbors pool to practice). Again, we have been blessed with some AWESOME neighbors.

I'm still not working :( but hope to find something once the kids are back in school in August.
Other big news. BIRTHDAYS! Combined birthday party for the kids July 18th. I had to invite the entire class for both kids so if everyone RSVPS we could be looking at close to 40 kids! I am actually hoping it does not come to that, but I do hope some of the kids can come to help the kids celebrate their first REAL party. Tina is having a unicorn theme and Hunter has chosen Bolt the dog. I'm planning it as a pool party at the house. If we end up with 40 kids I'll push it up to the clubhouse and do it there. Hunter tells us he wants "anything for boys' . And Tina.. well bless her little sweet heart, she wants A "touch and brush", a "upside down tomato grower" so "I can make salsa mommy!" , and anything else you see on a infomercial.!

Last but certainly not least, we are going to have a house full in August. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sabrina and her Boyfriend Nate, Aunt Morgan and Uncle Greg will all be out for a entire week. I am sure it will be a crazy hot mess, but we'll all have a blast.

Now if I can just get MY parents to come down here for a visit (HINT HINT)

I promise to update more frequently, so you can stop now with the pestering emails!