Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

What a great day.
It started out with Hunter coming into the room to give me my present... well for me to FIND my hidden present.
After a few clues, I find my lovely present .. a paper basket with some paper flowers; and on the flowers there are some chores like "I will feed the dogs, I will clean the pool..etc etc."

I thank Hunter for the gift and he says "well pick one mommy." I grab the flower that says "feed the dogs."
Hunter looks at it and reads it and says "Now mom.. it does NOT say feed the dogs EVERY DAY." He's such a little smarty pants :)

Tina gave me a adorable picture in a frame of herself and the cutest letter.
I cant scan it right now, so I'll type what she wrote to me.. This is exactly as she wrote it.

Dear Mom,
Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for leting me go in the pool. even let me choose my onw food. I like to talk to you. And Thank you for leting me go to sevenlefn ****7-11*****
I love you so much. I love kissing you. And I love huging you. And thank you for buying toys.
Your daughter,
Tina Neil.

ALL ABOUT MY MOM Tina's responses in bold and highlighted.

Before she was my mom, she used to live in Texas. While I'm at school, my mom works at the medicine shop. My mom is really good at cooking. Her favorite dinner to make is tacos and her favorite type of food is Mexican. My mom's favorite color is blue. I know this because she has a blue shirt. My mom is so pretty that she reminds me of an angel. I love my mom more than horses!

We spent the rest of the day playing in the pool and then we went fishing after dinner...well we attempted to fish.. there was not even a nibble.

All in all, a great weekend.

Nuts..Nuts.. Nuts

Aunt Sabrina was talking to kids about how excited she is about the upcoming Harry Potter attraction at the local theme park.
Hunter asked Sabrina "why did they make it?"...asking why this theme park was so important...
***if you could see how excited Sabrina is you would understand his confusion over why it was so important :) **

So Hunter asks why they made it and Sabrina says "for crazy people like me!"
Tina chimes in from the bathroom "AND ME TOO...CAUSE I'M REALLY NUTS!!!"