Sunday, September 21, 2008

Going private

I'm sorry to have to add the extra step of signing in when you come visit the blog but I need to make it private for a little bit. I hope everyone can understand and bear with me.

I have to personally invite you or you will not be able to get in to read the updates, but feel free to become a "follower" and it should update you whenever I add new things to the page.

Love to everyone!



We had our first soccer game this weekend. The weather was perfect, the kids were a delight, and it was a good time to be had by all. Ahhhh seems it is hereditary.. i.e the sticking out of the tounge while doing anything athletic. Sorry kids.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Raffle Tickets for sale..

If anyone wants some raffle tickets for the Sacred Heart School Fall Festival, send me a email.

For the low low price of $2 you get entered in a drawing for $1000. 2nd prize is $500 and they have a few $100 drawings as well.

Need not be present to win :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Well it has been awhile

Things never seem to slow down for the Neils. It has been a long time since I last updated so I'm going to do my best to give a quick recap of the past few months.

We have taken a few trips to the beach as a family and enjoyed ourselves so much. I think this next year we will be taking many more little vacations.

Both kids are in school now. Tina is in Kindergarten and Hunter started PreK. They both LOVE school. I put a few pictures from the first day of school. They are both doing very well in school and we are still very pleased with our choice to send them to Sacred Heart.

Grandma and Grandpa Neil just left from a visit and they are missed terribly. They were able to be part of the Grandparents day celebration at the school. I've included a few pictures from that day.

Tina and Hunter are also both on the same soccer team this year. It is so funny to watch them running after those balls and amazing at how fast they learn "No hands!"
They have their first game in a few weeks.

Adam is enjoying his new job so far, and I am also staying busy doing some new volunteer projects :) I have the most wonderful husband in the world who let me take a girls vacation to Las Vegas this summer and I had a great time. I really needed the break. I dont think I've ever left the kids for longer than a night. I think this upcoming summer we are going to try to plan a big group vacation so we can bring the kids as well.

Adam and I also celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. For Adam : We have been together now for over 13 years!!! I want to make sure he gets credit for the dating/engagement years :) We would have forgotten it (again) had it not been for my mother calling us that morning. Thanks Mom!! See..everyday is an anniversary for us.. we dont need to celebrate on the set date. hahah (you can go vomit now.. its ok). haha.