Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lifes a Zoo...

Especially if you live 10 minutes away from one.

We have a smaller zoo about 10 minutes from the house and it has been a life saver for me.
They have a water play area for the kids to splash around in, and a fishing boat, a petting zoo, kayak rides, dress up areas, and all kinds of hands on activities for the kids.  Just this week, we have been 3 times.  I take the kids sometimes after school for a quick trip to feed the birds, or for a quick romp in the outdoor play area.

Tina "tickling" the Otter.   

Do you have any idea how hard it is to time a picture with those silly otters in the background?   Yeah, its damn near impossible.  

We had a gorgeous sunset the other night.  This is the view from the family room. 

Mickey or Bust!

We finally made it to Disney this week! 

We left the house around 8 and got home around 7.

The weather was simple awesome and we just had the BEST day.  Our camera has taken on too much sand so it was acting up.  Thats why we dont have many pictures, but with the passes we will be back plenty so we just focused on rides and shows this trip and will worry about pictures at a later date.
We ended up riding Buzz Lightyear two times, the Jungle river cruise two times, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain (Hunter would NOT get on this one, but Tina went with Daddy and had a blast), Alladins carpet ride, the carosel, Laugh Factory show, Snow White ride (dont waste your time on this one) some 3d show that we all thought was cute ,and a Peter Pan ride.   I feel like I'm forgetting things, oh.. the train got us around the park a few times, and Its a small world.
Tina is all about the thrill rides, Hunter thinks he is, but  then white knuckles the handlebars the entire time.  He HATED the Peter Pan ride while we were on it (all of 3 minutes) but told us afterwards that it was his favorite ride.    I think his favorite was the buzz lightyear ride, and think he would ride that one over and over again if we allowed it.  Mommy and Daddy needed a change though.

I like to call this Happiness :)  

Hunter and Tina locked up with Zurg???  Or is it ZORG???

Tina giving us the thumbs up just before getting on the carosel.

Hunter and Daddy smiling before lift off on the Magic carpet ride.  

And the best picture of the day goes tooo........

Tina shoving her fingers in her mouth because she was "scared" of Mickey and Minnie.   She really wanted to see him and she totally spazzed out when the moment finally got there. She did not cry, but she still went into shut down mode and we had to get her out of there pretty quickly. Hunter LOVED it though. Mickey was messing with Hunters hat and was playing around with him which was pretty cool.   

We cant wait to try out the other parks, and hope to take in a few of the water parks as well.  
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this assignment to Florida??????

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Learning lessons.. Bike riding and Money management

Adam and I had planned on getting the kids bigger bikes for their birthdays this year, but honestly, they needed bigger bikes before then.   So we went out and purchased the bikes while the kids were at school. We also got a few other little things.   A basket for the girl bike and some swords for Hunter to play with.   We came home and Adam set up a "sale".   The bike was priced at $5, the basket and swords for 25 cents and there was also a empty bowl for "poor children".  

When the kids came home we went to their piggy banks and gave them each $6 to spend at the "sale".  Hunter could not spend his money fast enough and purchased the bike and swords.  Tina wanted the basket first and then the bike.  She decided to give the poor children her remaining money.  Hunter wanted to keep his money (are you seeing a pattern here with his giving?)

Adam came up with the idea to teach the kids about spending and saving etc. etc.  We also didn't want to just "give" them the bikes this time, and knew they would never get the whole "its an early birthday present" concept.  They have a chore chart that they also get money for the chores and have been saving that money up so they can go "shopping" again.   So I guess it worked (for now)

After the money spending took place, daddy took the kids to the garage and built the bikes.   Then it was time to ride.  Hunter jumped right on and got used to the bigger bike really quickly, so we decided to take off the training wheels.   He was riding unassisted by attempt 2 and went pretty far by attempt 4 (see video).
He took a  fall and bumped his jewels after a few more attempts and decided he wanted his wheels back on for a bit.  
I tell you what... I am so glad Adam was here for this because there is NO WAY I would have attempted to teach the kids this.  I am such a momma hen and hated watching him wobble on that bike.   

Tina tried a few times as well, but she is not quite ready yet.  Soon enough though I'm sure.

Easter Project

The kids and I made a little craft project the other day.  Paper Mache nests.
Sherrie inspired me to post them for all to see.

It took about 3 days and I had to give up the dining room table for the duration but I think it was well worth it.

Tina wants to send her nest to Aunt Lisa and Hunter wants to keep his for us to look at.  :)