Friday, October 31, 2008

October Happenings......

I totally forgot to post pictures from the fair a few weeks ago.
We had a great time. Tina and Hunter thought they would jump into the car with this gentleman and his granddaughter. He was so sweet and was totally ok with them riding with him. They ended up having to get out because of safety stuff but I still thought it was sweet.

We had to leave early the night we went to the fair because it started to rain. Actually, it was a downpour. We (NOTE: Adam and the kids) had a great time running to the car in the rain though.

Lets see, we had the fall festival at the school. I was in charge of concessions and had so much fun doing it. I actually cant wait to do it again next year. I was so busy inside that I actually did not get to see anything outside but Adam had the honor of taking the kids around (plus two more 4 year olds) while I was making some more cotton candy. Hunter managed to fall in the duck pond within the first hour he was there. What ever happened to him being graceful??

Being involved with the school has truly been the best thing I have done this past year. I have met so many wonderful people this year and best of all. NO DRAMA!!! Gotta love that!

We had pumpkin carving on Wednesday night. Tina wanted a tall skinny pumpkin and she wanted it to be a "Jesus Pumpkin". It had to have rectangle ears, Heart eyes, A cross for a nose, and A fish for a mouth. NO joke. Adam, being the trooper he is, managed to fulfill her request.

Hunter wanted a round pumpkin and wanted his pumpkin to "throw up" typical boy. :)

She didnt really like having her hands in the "guts" But she still thought it was pretty funny.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Neil Peacock

AKA Tina Neil.

Let me say first that I know it seems that my children never have clothes on, but they normally do I promise. I took this video tonight as they were getting ready to go get their baths.

Friday, October 10, 2008

We are back!

Happy Fall! I love this time of year, even though we never seem to have enough time to do everything we want.

We took the kids to the fair the other night and spent about 2 hours there before the rain started. We did have a blast running to the truck in the rain. Well Adam and the kids had a blast... I was very much aware that I was "one of those parents".. You know the ones; those parents that keep their young children up past bedtime and then run around in the pouring down rain with no umbrellas, and no jackets. Oh yeah, that was me the other night. Totally unprepared.

I sometimes wonder if I have a fair curse though. Remember a few years back, Tina and Hunter BOTH threw up before we were able to go to the fair and then my car battery died at the same time.

We are going back this weekend after church, so I'll be sure to add some new pictures later.