Monday, September 28, 2009

Green Thumb

The landscaping is pretty much done in the back "yard" now. We extended out the bed and planted a ton of Palm trees.
These are the white birds of paradise and the row of plants on the left are Viburnum. They should get as tall as the screen.
The blue stuff in the background is a solar cover for the pool. It is being fit to size right now.

3....2....1... Blast off

We took a trip to Kennedy Space Center yesterday with the kids. We all had fun and the kids had a blast. They were not tall enough to ride the main "ride" there but I think they enjoyed learning about robots and getting to walk in the shuttle.

It was so sunny outside that we could not get a great picture of the kids, but here they are posing outside of the shuttle.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Thats what I'm talking about"

When are children are small we often here "instead of giving them flashy toys, just give them the box and they will enjoy it just as much" Well that saying still holds true in our house. We just purchased some new items and the kids had/are still having so much fun with the boxes. Who needs expensive toys when an empty box and a bag of pipe cleaners provides HOURS of play (and two kids who are not fighting)

Tina improvised today and made this "bridle" for her horse. At least she is being creative :)