Sunday, April 11, 2010

Punch and Drowned

Earlier in the week, Hunter had a small mishap and managed to break the small table lamp in their room. Well tonight while tucking them in we were talking about it and Hunter says "DOnt tell DAD!!" so I ask him why and he says "Becasue he will PUNCH and DROWNED ME".

WHAT??? So I say to him... "Hunter .. WHEN has your dad ever punched you or drowned you?"

Hunter "Never."
Me "So why do you think he would do that?"

Hunter "MOM... do you know what drowned is??
Me "tell me"

Hunter "when you have to stay inside for a long long time.
Me "Hunter, are you trying to say "GROUNDED?"

Hunter " YEs, Drownded"

Me "so what is this about Punching"
Hunter "PUNISH mom"

ME " So dad will PUNISH you and GROUND you?"
Hunter (SIGH)))) Yes mom....

We spent a few minutes going over how to properly say the words.

I still wont be surprised if DFACS shows up at my door soon.

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